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Strepitz Open Project European Tour: Improvvisazione e meditazione

    Strepitz Open Project introduces the new album entitled “Improvvisazione e Meditazione” (Improvisation and Meditation). A musical journey that explores the passages of earthly life: astonishment, arrogance, freedom, joys, disappointments, loneliness, and awakening. The meditation highlights the frailties of human beings who often “improvise.” Sometimes this operation is salvific, sometimes it turns out to be tragically dangerous. In this new project, the band directed by Giovanni Floreani embarks on an experimental and unforgettable journey of continuous self-discovery.

    Sargfabrik – Wien (Meidling)

    September 28, h. 19,30
    Opening by Moving Pints – Antonia Dusa Wernig

    Two Palace – Zadar (HR)

    October 5, h. 19,00

    Free entrance

    Giovanni Floreani: bagpipe, duduk, voice, electronics
    Cristina Spadotto: guitars
    Clarissa Durizzotto: sax
    Liuba Caraja: readings